Understanding Core

Core Capacity is the Anti-Gym and the complete solution for losing the weight and keeping it off for good. And for franchise owners, it’s a proven business model with several revenue streams that’s revolutionizing the 80 billion-dollar fitness industry.

An $80 Billion Industry

Fitness is an $80 billion industry. And Core Capacity sets you up with a turnkey business that promotes a revolutionary model that includes weight loss, weight management, nutrition, fitness and supplementation. But what truly sets Core apart is our Anti-Gym philosophy and the fact that we don’t target athletes and already “fit” people. We attract those who are looking to make a change. We attract people who want to lose weight and keep it off. And the best part is, we’ve made success simple for you with no prior experience required.

We Don't Just Focus
on Fit People

Our Proven Multi-Revenue
Anti-Gym Business Model

Core Capacity leverages the viral power of social media marketing to get people in the door and registered for Challenges and lucrative Membership plans. Once loyal customers lose the weight, they’re ready to roll right into a more premium Core Membership, as well as tell their friends about their revolutionary transformation.

When your clients feel like they have nothing left in the tank, their energy is spent or they’re having an off day, there’s a support team at Core Capacity that’s ready to pick them up and help them break through those boundaries. Whether it’s a trainer or a fellow Capacitor, there’s a family of like-minded people lifting them up, pushing them to be better—to do more. And what’s worse than letting yourself down? Letting down a friend.

The best way to get clients in the door is to incentivize. That’s what Core Capacity Challenges are all about. We make clients bet on themselves. If they succeed, it’s free, and we encourage them to participate in another Challenge. Or better yet, they’ll have enjoyed their first Core Capacity experience so much, they’ll enroll in a monthly Membership plan.

To truly live a Core Life, you need to be all in. And being all in includes wearing the latest Core Capacity threads. It gives client members ownership as they’re proud to represent your brand out in the wild. It’s an added revenue stream that doubles as free, walking advertising.

Weight management is only 10% fitness. The other 90% is based in nutrition and supplements. And supplements are a $50 billion industry. It’s why Core Capacity has its own proprietary line of nutritional supplements that only you will be able to provide to your clients.

Memberships provide monthly revenue for your Core Capacity. Your primary demographic will be moms and women looking for a change. And once they’ve achieved a set of goals through a Challenge, it’s time to reset and set new goals. New goals that can only be achieved by a monthly Core Capacity Membership. The Membership fees can be adjusted based on your market and location.

The History of Core

  1. 2009

    1 Location

    • East Aurora
  2. 2014

    2 Locations

    • East Aurora
    • Williamsville
  3. 2015

    3 Locations

    • East Aurora
    • Williamsville
    • Tonawanda
  4. 2016

    4 Locations

    • East Aurora
    • Williamsville
    • Tonawanda
    • Cheektowaga
  5. 2018

    8 Locations

    • Williamsville
    • Tonawanda
    • Cheektowaga
    • Henrietta
    • Webster
    • Gates
    • Orchard Park
    • Buffalo

Is Core Fit For You?

Owning a Core Capacity isn’t for everyone. It’s for motivated individuals who are both inspired by and inspire change. You may find yourself asking the question: why would I buy a franchise when I can just start my own business? Here are a list of reasons why:

  • You’re buying into a four-in-one business model with nutrition, weight management, supplementation and fitness.
  • Proven recruitment methods.
  • Strong team development program.
  • Robust KPI.
  • Protected territories.
  • Unmatched ongoing support.
  • Access to proprietary digital systems for simple implementation.
  • No sales experience required.
  • No training experience required.

All The Support
You Need to Succeed

Before owning your Core Capacity, we provide you with written guidelines for site selection. A typical Core Capacity location is located in a shopping mall, strip plaza or free standing building with approximately 2,500-4,000 square feet. In addition, we provide you with guidelines for interior design elements, layouts and floor plans.

Prior to opening your Core Capacity franchise, you and/or your proposed manager are required to attend our 12-day franchise training program at the Core Capacity headquarters in East Aurora, New York. Any trainers must also successfully complete a personal training program accredited by the NCCA, as well as obtain CPR and First Aid certification in your home state.

As a Core Franchisee, you receive advertising, marketing and promotional training. This includes sales training presentations, various keynote speakers and instructions on how to plan, create and execute full Core Capacity marketing campaigns. And don’t worry, we provide you the necessary brand guidelines and creative assets you need to get up and going.

To keep breaking boundaries for your business and clients, we strongly encourage franchisees to join and participate in industry specific local or national associations, such as the Better Business Bureau. We view these associations as invaluable and necessary for the continued growth of Core Capacity.

See Your Center

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How Core Compares

Initial Franchise Fee Initial Investment Cost
Core Capacity $18,000 $123,000 to $232,900
Crunch Fitness $25,000 $304,500 to $2,129,500
OrangeTheory Fitness $39,500 $327,600 to $634,100

The Core Tech Benefits

One of the ways Core Capacity breaks boundaries for thousands of individuals looking to transform is to provide them with state-of-the-art weight loss technology that makes setting and achieving goals easier. There are several technology systems and platforms we offer that add value for your clients and put your franchise in a better position to succeed.

Core Heart Rate Training System

  • Tracks total calories burned and effort points.
  • Personalize workout reports that are automatically emailed after each session.
  • Sign up for group challenges.
  • View status rankings and receive updates.
  • Set and monitor goals.
  • Connect with friends and ‘like’ their workouts.

The Core Mind Virtual Coaching Program

If people don’t have a clear, focused mindset, the results won’t come, and members will leave. The Core Mind is a program created to help your members discover the true meaning and value of accomplishing their goals. This has less to do with the goal itself, and more to do with what achieving these goals will enable in their lives. This program builds a foundation to ensure furthered progress and member renewal.

Core News Digital Signage System

This is an engaging television platform used to educate clients and guests, and keep them up-to-date on specials, events and other Core Capacity news.

Core Digital Transformation Coach System

This is a full-time digital coach present on televisions throughout the studio. This personal assistant guides clients and guests through their warmups, workouts and cooldowns.


What is the Core Capacity franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $18,000 for your first location. This is included in the overall cost of franchise startup fees. After your first franchise, each additional franchise fee is reduced to $9,000.

What is the overall cost to open a Core Capacity?

The cost varies from $152,270 to $271,820. This includes the franchise fee, construction costs, equipment, startup inventory, insurance and all other necessities.

Is financing available?

Yes, we have sources available to help you secure financing for your Core Capacity franchise.

What size space is ideal for a Core Capacity location?

We recommend a space anywhere between 2,500 and 3,000 square feet.

How do I make money?

There are four solid revenue streams flowing into your Core Capacity: Supplements, Merchandise, Memberships and Challenges.

What type of training is involved?

As professional coaches, trainers and teachers, education is in our blood and we’ve created a system unlike any other. We bring you in for a 10-day training session, in which you learn every aspect of the business.

How many employees do I need?

Four. You’ll need a Front Desk Receptionist, Manager, Assistant Manager and Trainer.

How do I recruit employees?

We have created and perfected a recruitment system that includes cost-effective social media engagement and referral bonuses.

Who are our competitors?

Our direct competitors include other fitness centers and gyms such as OrangeTheory, 9Round and Crunch Fitness. But what separates Core Capacity is who we target. As the Anti-Gym, we target individuals who are unfit and looking to take back control of their lives. Whereas other centers appeal to the already fit crowd.

How do I get started?

You can begin the process by simply completing the Franchise Contact Form. A Core Team Member will get back to you shortly with next steps.

Ready to
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Are you motivated to become an owner of one of the country’s fastest-growing fitness franchises? Core Capacity is quickly revolutionizing not only the way people lose weight, but how owners make money.

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