The way to a living out a Core Life is through a VIP Membership at Core Capacity. In addition to access to some of the most experienced nutrition planners and fitness trainers, you’ll also receive all of the following:


The Core Mind was created to help our members discover the true value behind accomplishing your goals. It’s not about accomplishing the goal itself, it’s what we enable in our lives once we achieve them. The goal is a means to an end: what we really want in life. The first component of the Core Mind Program is the Core Mindshift. It’s when you identify what’s most important to you in your life and how the transformation in your body accelerates your growth in all of these areas. The second component is the Core Mind Coaching Program, which is a platform of community, progressive content and live coaching that continually challenges and supports you along the way.


Down to a cellular level, you are what you eat. If we feed ourselves subpar foods, it makes sense that the output and results will be subpar. Just like any machine, input equals output. Your body is no different. With over 20 years of professional research and application experience, our certified nutritionists have created a nutrition platform rooted in simplicity, variety, satisfaction and longevity. And regardless of your dietary restrictions, preferences or sensitivities, we customize a nutrition plan for you that gets weight off, and keeps it off.

Our nutrition coach is right in your pocket. Track what you eat and drink every day, what your mood was before and after eating, what your energy levels were at, and your portion sizes right inside your Core Nutrition Journal. The more detailed our VIPs are with the content they give us, the better recommendations we can deliver to maximize results and get you to your goals. Take a picture, submit and poof: the genie will deliver.

Even the most optimized nutrition plan has gaps that need to be filled. These gaps prevent your body from reaching its maximum potential. It’s why Core Capacity implements supplement programs as a complement to a solid nutrition plan. Supplements are a $50 billion industry with one major problem: quality. It’s why Core Capacity created Body 180—a line of supplements we could stand behind because we know each and every ingredient. These supplements were created to provide peace of mind and superior results.





When it comes to long-term weight loss and management, success comes from accountability and community support. These two critical components are what help get the weight off and keep the weight off. You begin every training session week with a Core Accountability Weekly Check-In, measuring your progress over the last week. This tracks your progress with your goals and continues your transformation. The results of your check-in are posted on our Core Accountability Wall for the ultimate community support experience.


Nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand. Even though you can never out-train your fork, an intelligent approach to program design and training can drastically accelerate your weight loss progress. With over 50 years of combined experience, that is what Core Capacity has created. Our program is based on mesocycles, which are short, one-month cycles with specific concentrations and objectives. Throughout the month you focus on acclimation, progression and, eventually, mastery of the current programs. Next, an entirely new cycle begins, ensuring muscle confusion remains a constant. Every routine is designed for multiple ability levels, with three to four variations of each movement. Behind the scenes, all workouts are backed up with full video teaching demonstrations. This ensures every coach is on the same page and delivering a consistent experience while pushing you to break boundaries and providing you with the ultimate positive transformation experience.